Unique Magic Item Cards Volume 1

Unique Magic Item Cards Volume 1

The 5th Edition D&D rules offer a number of magic items in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Sometimes though, you need something a little different. With that in mind, the first entry in the Treasure Chest section is Unique Magic Item Cards Volume 1:

  • Caer Calan: a shield that helps light the way
  • Religious Text: provides advantage after reading with an added bonus for the truly righteous.
  • Tornar’s Blade: a +1 longsword
  • Walking Stick: a staff that helps the wielder move a little quicker.

I hope you enjoy these cards. Please feel free to leave comments below. The more feedback I receive the better as I can determine if magic item cards, and more like them, are helpful.

This work features adaptations of art by Daniel F. Walthall.

Download from DriveThruRPG (pay what you want)

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