The Night Comes Down

The Night Comes Down

As we approach the witching hour on All Hallow’s Eve it is appropriate to announce the release of The Night Comes Down, a horror-themed adventure for 5th Edition Fantasy suitable for 6th level characters.

The son of a minor noble family in Kirkachmill has disappeared after setting out to visit Lady May Deacon in Fettercairn. Rumours of bandits in the area have worried his family and so they have hired our heroes to investigate. Although not directly linked to Howling at the Moon, The Night Comes Down is set in the same region. The heroes may have been hired as they have previous experience of the area.

Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems. While living in Kirkachmill, Lady May “fell in with the wrong crowd”. This crowd wasn’t your regular young nobles carousing and causing drunken problems though. This crowd were under the sway of a vampire, one who sired Lady May who then returned to her family home.


I’ve always been wary of including vampires in my games as they are such powerful creatures. They are certainly not to be trifled with by characters who haven’t reached double digits in terms of level. Thankfully, Kobold Press has come to my rescue. Their Creature Codex features the wonderful vampire patrician (and other related creatures). These are suitably menacing while also being a worthwhile foe for lower level characters. As the Creature Codex is part of the Open Game Licence, I have been able to use these creatures in The Night Comes Down. I do highly recommend that you buy a copy of the Codex yourself if you don’t already have it. As well as the PDF, there are two print options: hardback and pocket-sized paperback.

As with a lot of my releases, there are Easter Eggs within. I hope that don’t detract from the adventure. There is no prize for spotting them but I hope that they raise a smile when you see them. Feel free to leave a comment below if you spot them…

The Night Comes Down can be purchased for $4 from DriveThruRPG or the Fortiter Games website.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links” so if you make a purchase, I will receive some affiliate credit.

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