In Darkest Day

In Darkest Day

In Darkest Day is a 5th Edition adventure for a group of 1st-level characters. The adventure is intended as a short side trek in an ongoing campaign and should provide for a session’s worth of play. There is also the potential to extend the first half of the adventure.

I originally wrote this adventure for the Savage Worlds campaign setting, Hellfrost, but provide a converted version for 5th Edition. The side trek itself is purposely generic. This allows the DM to customise it to their own campaign with ease.

In Darkest Day involves an acolyte of a death god and his nefarious plans for a young maiden. Stereotypical gender assignments have been used but these can easily be switched if this is preferred. The adventure also introduces a unique magic item that is used by the acolyte. There is the possibility that the item still contains a charge or two come the end of the adventure. How the players deal with this can potentially lead on to other adventures.

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