In Blackest Knight

In Blackest Knight

In Blackest Knight is a 5th Edition adventure for a group of 2nd-level characters. It is intended as a short side trek in an ongoing campaign and should provide for a session’s worth of play.

I originally wrote this adventure for the Savage Worlds campaign setting, Hellfrost, but provide a converted version for 5th Edition. The side trek itself is purposely generic. This allows the DM to customise it to their own campaign with ease.

In Blackest Knight involves an enterprising bandit leader that has learnt of those evil creatures known as Demonic Knights. Using this information he has decided to use that knowledge to his own advantage. Putting together some black armour and disguising his men as undead, he has terrorised a small village. Forcing the menfolk to work a nearby mine he has claimed as as his own while scaring those who remain into silence.

Although not directly connected, this side trek could be used as a sequel to In Darkest Day.

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