GM Screen

GM Screen

When running games of 5e, a lot of us use a GM Screen. While prepping for my upcoming campaign, I started putting together my own GM screen and thought I’d share it as this month’s update. My version has been designed to go with my wooden screen so I’ve only designed sheets for the GM. If you need sheets for the player side, you could use a map from your campaign world. Or a quick image search on your favourite search engine will bring up images perfect for your campaign.

I’ve also included tables that I tend to use regularly. For this reason conditions aren’t detailed (as I have my own condition cards for this). There is a sheet for Adventuring Gear though, and another for Weapons and Armor. I’ve found that it’s handy to have these when the players go on shopping trips. The other two sheets have an array of tables including typical DCs, lifestyle expenses, size categories, light ranges, cover and languages.

I’ve made the sheet available on DriveThruRPG so feel free to download it and let me know what you think.

Download from DriveThruRPG (pay what you want)

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