Character Sheet

Character Sheet

Character Sheets. Every game has them and every player needs one. We all have our own views on what makes a good character sheet too. Some prefer simple, easy to read, sheets while others like graphics heavy ones. Likewise, some prefer digital sheets while there are those for whom paper and pencil are the only way to go.

Personally, I’m a mixture of all of the above. It all depends on the game I’m playing. I do love a really nice, atmospheric, character sheet though. When our group plays Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer I have character sheets that look like a police report and school headed paper respectively. For D&D I tend to use Hero Lab. I even coded a character sheet (based on one created by one of the people in my group) that’s made its way into the fan-made D&D 5e Community Pack.

One of the things I haven’t done though, is try my hand at a one-page D&D character sheet. I wanted something that looked pretty but was also functional. It didn’t have all the information built-in but did have it easily listed. And so I came up with this month’s release.

I’ve created two versions. The first is a single page PDF that you print out and fill in using pen or pencil. The second looks exactly the same, except it is fillable digitally. It even does a little bit of the maths for you and calculates the ability score modifers. I’ve put the modifer in the smaller box in this version but if there is enough interest, I may be persuaded to create a version with the modifer as the main box.

I’ve made the character sheet available on DriveThruRPG so feel free to download it and let me know what you think.

Download from DriveThruRPG (pay what you want)

I also have a number of other pay what you want items available through DriveThruRPG along with some low-cost products. If you like what I’m making please leave a comment, review or rating. Receiving these means a lot.

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