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Day 30: Best DM You've Had 0

Day 30: Best DM You’ve Had

Best DM? Wow, they’ve saved the hardest for last! I’m been roleplaying for almost 35 years and have played with a large number of DMs. If I include convention DMs we could be looking...

Day 7 Favourite Edition 0

Day 7: Favourite Edition

Today’s question is about my favourite edition. But does the question relate to rules edition or campaign setting edition? I ask myself this because each new rules edition has brought with it a new...

[30 Day Challenge] Day 1 How You Got Started 0

Day 1: How You Got Started

So, as part of the relaunch of the site, I thought it might be fun to run through the 30 Day Dungeons & Dragons Challenge. That way you can learn a little bit about...