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Official D&D Campaigns: Mini Reviews 0

Official D&D Campaigns: Mini Reviews

Wizards of the Coast has released 11 official D&D campaigns in hardback (as well as those in the Starter Set, Essentials Kit and Tales from the Yawning Portal) in the 5 years since 5th...

Northern Dessarin Valley 0

Northern Dessarin Valley

Minty’s cultist investigates ended further south, but had some time to waste so took in a whistle-stop tour of the northern Dessarin Valley. Just in case he needed to have the lay of the...

Southern Dessarin Valley 0

Southern Dessarin Valley

Minty Burrow’s next map is of the Southern Dessarin Valley. Minty and his companions investigated the nefarious deeds of cultists in these parts. I like the Dessarin Valley, there’s plenty of places to lose...