Southern Dessarin Valley

Southern Dessarin Valley

Minty Burrow’s next map is of the Southern Dessarin Valley. Minty and his companions investigated the nefarious deeds of cultists in these parts.

I like the Dessarin Valley, there’s plenty of places to lose yourself should the need arise, if you know what I mean…

Although Amphail is overrun with young nobles and their “overenthusiastic escapades”, it is also full of easy pickings. I mean, what’s easier than helping to relieve a drunken noble of a few coins? And it’s not as if they’ll miss them…

Bargewright Inn, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It’s nothing more than a group of businesses serving merchants and travelers on the Cairn Road.

My favourite place in this area is Goldenfields. Plenty of food and some of the loveliest cider you’ll ever drink. They don’t even care if you’re on the run looking to keep a low profile as long as you earn your keep. 

Finally, there is Red Larch. It’s quite central so is a handy place to head if you’re looking to throw someone off your tail.

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Southern Dessarin Valley

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