Minto “Minty” Burrows, esteemed cartographer and halfling of dubious upstanding background, is pleased, neigh proud, to present to you, humble traveler of these Forgotten Realms, maps of the regions he has visited with along with his own, inimitable, commentary. First up is the region of Phandelver, home to Minty’s last remaining (that he will admit to anyway) family.

Phandalin is probably the closest place I can call home. My aunt lives here and I ran with the Redbrands for a while (although I hid that fact from her). It’s a bit too small of a place for me though.

Leilon though, that’s more my kind of town. The mines to the east mean that it’s always full of miners who like to work hard and play hard. Get a few of them around a table with a few ales inside them and you can win Three Dragon Ante all night. Just be sure to keep the Lances of Leilon on your side. I find that letting them win a game or two now and again works.

Clicking on the image below will open a full size version. Feel free to use this in your own campaigns but please don’t upload them to any public websites without permission.


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