The next map to come from the journal of esteemed cartographer Minty Burrows is of Phandalin itself.

Phandalin was my home for a short while and, indeed, my aunt still lives there. I’m not proud of my time in Phandalin though as I was running with the Redbrands. At the time they were just a small-time outfit. Mainly robbing visitors and merchants on the Triboar Trail.

I know the Sleeping Giant (8) was the main Redbrand drinking hole but I always much preferred the company in the Stonehill Inn (7). Of course, it didn’t hurt that this was where visitors were likely to stay. Finding the next mark, or even someone to buy my ill-gotten gains, was easy.

Away from “work”, I liked to visit Edermath (11). He produced the best cider around but Sister Garaele (2 and 3) was my saving grace. She helped me see the light and break out from the Redbrands control.

The town has grown since I was last there though. I’m sure that much as changed.

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