Northern Dessarin Valley

Northern Dessarin Valley

Minty’s cultist investigates ended further south, but had some time to waste so took in a whistle-stop tour of the northern Dessarin Valley. Just in case he needed to have the lay of the land ahead of time for some reason…

Most who visit Triboar head for the Triboar Arms but I prefer the Talking Troll. It might be a bit “low rent” but that’s more than made up by the array of ales on offer. Triboar’s other redeeming feature is that it has no walls. Makes it easier to slip in and out as required.

Westbridge though, isn’t worth the bother. A tiny place with nothing of value to speak of, except perhaps a comfy bed in the Happy Halfling after some days on the road.

Yartar. By far my favourite town in this part of the Valley. Heavily fortified and regularly patrolled means that there is always the risk of getting caught, but where there’s no risk, there’s no reward! If you’re ever in town pop into Beldabar’s Rest. There’s every chance that, if I’m in town, I’m there.

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Northern Dessarin Valley

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