RPG Boredom Busters

RPG Boredom Busters

As a large number of us head into isolation, I’ve put together a list of resources that generous individuals and publishers have released: RPG Boredom Busters. Those offers that have ended a crossed through, but I have kept them (and their links) to show the generosity of their providers.

In the spirit of their generosity, none of the following links include my affiliate code. I have also requested that Google don’t serve ads on this page (although the built-in links for “Family Gaming” and “D&D 5th Edition” remain as they are site-wide – if I can work out how to turn those of on this page I will).

If I have missed anything (or an offer no longer works) please let me know. I aim to update RPG Boredom Busters as I find more items. Likewise, if anyone has any guides to using virtual table top (VTT) systems, I’m happy to link to them for new users.

Free RPGs

Discounted RPGs

  • Free League Publishing: 50% off all of their core RPG rulebooks at DriveThruRPG (including the new Alien RPG!). There are also free quickstarts for most of their games.
  • Limitless Adventures: All of the Limitless Adventures PDFs are half price until further notice.
  • R. Talsorian Games Inc: 50% off all their digital content including the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit and The Witcher RPG until 20 April. They also have Teenagers from Outerspace for free (listed above).
  • Shop on the Borderlands: 10% off everything that isn’t already reduced by more than that. When you check out, enter the code SocialDistancing2020 in the appropriate box at checkout, and any prices not already reduced will be reduced by 10%. They’ll be running this offer for the forseeable future at their online store.

Software/VTT Resources

  • Affinity: Anyone can use their creative apps [Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher] completely free for three months. Take 50% off if you want to buy.
  • Campaign Cartographer 3+: 50% off: rpgmaps.profantasy.com/stuck-at-home. Also, for May, get 20% off the two Mike Schley mapping tools (SS4: Dungeons of Schley and SS5: Cities of Schley) with the following code: 427J4PH2
  • Cze and Peku: They have released their first 50 maps for free. You can support them at their Patreon.
  • DunGen.app: Unlocked all patrons-only features on DunGen.app for everyone until the end of April: High-res downloads and Automatic Dynamic Lighting for all generated dungeons.
  • Loke Battlemats: A care pack of 12 digital maps for use in VTT games.
  • Mike Schley: 50% off all digital art downloads using the code 2020Vision at checkout.
  • mrvalor: A complete FREE collection of 1400+ (ish) battle maps for virtual gaming (source: reddit).
  • printable_rpgs:  A collection of 45 battle maps (source: reddit). They also have a Patreon.

Virtual Social Gatherings

  • The Mitchester Arms: Virtual pub open from 9pm (GMT) on Friday nights. First opened on 20 March, still going strong. Full details at mitchesterarms.com (original tweet).
RPG Boredom Busters Updated: 16 October 2020

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