D&D Essentials Kit Unboxing Video

D&D Essentials Kit Unboxing Video

I’ve dipped my foot into the world of video blogging with a quick and dirty unboxing video for the D&D Essentials Kit. The kit has been avalable as an exclusive in Target stores in the US for a while, but is now available elsewhere. I’ve been looking forward the Kit for a while. I’ve not tried anything like an unboxing video before so I’ve just used the video recording aspects of my phone. I don’t think it turned out too badly for something that was completely unscripted (as you’ll probably be able to tell!).

The Video


D&D Essentials Kit Contents

  • Dice
  • Box for cards
  • Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure
  • Initiative cards
  • Condition cards
  • Sidekick cards
  • Magic item cards
  • Essential Kit rulebook
  • Double-sided map
  • Blank character sheets
  • Codes for digital elements via D&D Beyond.

Please let me know what you think (either of the video or the D&D Essentials Kit itself). If you haven’t picked up the Kit yet, you can do so from Amazon. If you would like me to make some more videos please let me know. I’m keen myself but if there needs to be the audience for it.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links” so if you make a purchase, I will receive some affiliate credit.

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