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Monsters of Feyland 0

Monsters of Feyland Review

Monsters of Feyland is a new book of, well, monsters, themed for the Feylands from Cawood Publishing. It was launched as a Kickstarter last year but is also now available in PDF and print...

Travelling DM Kit 0

Travelling DM Kit

When I run games at home, I have the advantage of not having to worry about what I bring to the gaming table in terms of my DM kit. After all, if I forget...

Fifth Edition Initiative Cards 0

Fifth Edition Initiative Cards

This week, presents an update to the Initiative Cards that were published by The Game Mechanics. Unfortunately, their original cards are no longer available but I have copies that they originally released. The...

Condition Cards 0

Condition Cards

The D&D 5th Edition rules list a number of conditions that can affect the capabilities of a character or monster. These are also included in the System Reference Document. They are easy to locate...