Day 9: Favourite Planned PC

Day 9 Favourite Planned PC

30 Day ChallengeI’m not one for planning out PCs in advice so I don’t really have a favourite planned PC. That said, I do keep an eye out for character art. Those that I like get saved onto my computer for later reference. I only have one at the moment, shown above, but I’ve started a Pinterest page where I’ll post others in the future.

Anyway, to answer the question, here’s my, only, favourite planned PC:

“Kali” Kalgonard (Dwarf Barbarian)

Kalgonard is known as Kali to his friends, although there are precious few of those. Kali originally trained as an armourer with his brother but this was not to be his life. A accident at the forge ended with his brother’s death. Although no blame was apportioned to Kali he weight of it upon his shoulders. Kali tried to remain within the clan but everywhere he looked he saw his brother so felt the only thing to do was leave.

In the wilds of the North Kali found there was little use for an apprentice armourer. He therefore honed his fighting skills, occassionally channelling his rage at the death of his brother. Kali has wandered the North for a few seasons now attempting to slay his inner demons. Now he is looking for newer challenges.

Those of you with a knowledge of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play may see the hints of a troll slayer in this build.


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