Day 8: Favourite PC

Day 8: Favourite PC

30 Day ChallengeFavourite PC? I have a bit of a cop-out for this one. It’s whatever PC I’m playing at the time. That said, I have had some memorable PCs over the years. Limiting it just to D&D characters, there have been the following:

Wulfgar Tannerson (human fighter/cleric)

This 2nd Edition AD&D campaign started with us all as 0-level characters. We were living in a small village that was ransacked by orcs while we were out hunting. Those simple origins led to a great campaign where my character started as a fighter, lost an arm, found religion and dual classed into a cleric, settled down and got married, and then came out of retirement to save the nation!

Christophe du Garcén (half-elf fighter)

Christophe was my character in the UK Living City campaign (starting with 2nd Edition AD&D before moving to 3rd Edition (and 3.5) D&D. He, and his twin brother, were the bastard off-spring of a local noble. Or, at least, that’s what they thought. The truth wasn’t quite so romantic! It didn’t stop them from living the life of luxury though. Never going adventuring without hampers of food (no trail rations for them) and walk-in tents!

Savanak (human ranger)

My Living Greyhawk character, Savanak was hunting Scarlet Brotherhood scum after they murdered his wife and kidnapped his son. He was a dour and grim character who drowned his sorrows in ale and unleashed his anger on whomever got in his way. He was quite a dark character and it was hard to play him sometimes, but I enjoyed exploring those emotions.

Minto “Minty” Burrows (halfling rogue)

The character that my maps are said to come from. I certainly lived vicariously through Minty. He was a carefree character, who loved enjoying himself. Sometimes this was to the detriment of his friends but never intentionally to annoy them. It was fun to play someone so free-willed and I really hope we can go back to playing those characters again at some point.

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