Day 6: Favourite Deity

Day 6 Favourite Deity

30 Day ChallengeGiven my previous answer for Favourite Gameworld, it’s fairly obvious that I’m going to head to the Forgotten Realms for my favourite deity. The only problem is, I don’t have a favourite deity. I tend to pick a deity that fits with character concept I have in my head. That means I’ve played followers of a large number of deities. Lathander, Mystara, Silvanus, Tymora, Brandobaris and lots more.

That’s one of the benefits to a campaign setting like the Realms, there are a large number of deities. Each with their own pros and cons. Trying to pick just one is very difficult. That said, if my hand was forced, I think I’d go with Tymora. She is the goddess of good fortune and all adventurers love good luck after all. Or maybe I’d go with Brandobaris. That would fit in with my love of halflings and he’s also a god of thievery so that covers my favourite class too.

Yes, Brandobaris it is.

Picture Credit: TSR/Wizards of the Coast

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