Day 4: Favourite Gameworld

Day 4 Favourite Gameworld

30 Day ChallengeMy favourite gameworld is an easy one today. I remember picking up the Forgotten Realms Campaign Set when it was first released and I loved it. It didn’t hurt that TSR were starting to publish novels set in the same campaign world so I could fully immerse myself. I devoured the novels as they were released and immediately set about running games in the Realms. My favourite region was the Western Heartlands and over the years, I’ve picked up everything published for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and now 5th Edition (A)D&D.

What I love about the Forgotten Realms is that almost every type of game. Fancy some intrigue and politics? Waterdeep is perfect. War? Head back in time a little and you have the Dalelands. Pirates? The Sea of Fallen Stars has what you need. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Sure, the Forgotten Realms has its faults. The 4th Edition version of the Realms should be ignored and 3rd Edition did some strange things to distance. For that reason my favourite version of the Realms is a couple of years after the Time of Troubles although you can run campaigns just from the original Campaign Set from 1987.

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast (ün)

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