Day 28: Favourite Weapon

Day 28: Favourite Weapon

30 Day ChallengeI’m not sure that I have a favourite weapon. I don’t tend to pick weapons for my characters based on how much I like them. I tend to pick them based on how they fit the character concept I have.

So there was the fighter Ragnar Ragnarsson, who dual wielded hand axes. The swashbuckler Christophé du Garcen who preferred the rapier. Kali the barbarian who loved the heft of the greataxe. Idris the druid with his oaken staff. While my cleric characters tend to have a weapon that fits in with their deity—especially in the 2nd Edition AD&D days of speciality priests.

This is, therefore, one challenge that I’m not going to meet. I don’t have a favourite weapon I’m afraid.

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