Day 26: Favourite Non-Magic Item

Day 26: Favourite Non-Magic Item

30 Day ChallengeThere are a number of things that could qualify as my favourite non-magic item. Almost everything available in the equipment section of the rules has a shot at the title.

There’s the historically iconic items of adventuring gear for example. Ball bearing: throw them behind you as you run from monsters to impede them. Likewise with caltrops. Chalk for marking your away around a dungeon or maze. Pitons and/or iron spikes for wedging open, or closed, doors as well as climbing. The 10 foot pole, perfect for prodding ahead to check for traps. Rope (with or without a grappling hook) for almost anything. Sealing wax, for when you need to fake an official communication. And don’t forget the humble torch.

My favourite non-magic item though is more than one really. It’s the equipment packs that bundle a variety of items together. Each has their uses and all are worthwhile in the right situation. My favourite of them all though is the Burglar’s Pack. I think it’s actually a better pack that either the Dungeoneer’s or Explorer’s packs. It has a few items from my iconic list and some that perhaps should be all for a bargain 16 gp. If your character don’t get one as part of character generation, they should grab on as soon as they can.

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