Day 24: Favourite Energy Type

Day 24: Favourite Energy Type

30 Day ChallengeDespite there are a number of different ones, picking my favourite energy type is easy. It’s coffee!

OK, it’s not an energy type from the rules but I don’t really have any affinity with any of the energy types. Certainly not enough to pick one as a favourite. It doesn’t help that┬áthe rules┬ádon’t even list which damage types are energy and which aren’t. I mean, is bludgeoning an energy type? Or poison? As for the question, in most cases it would come down to whatever creature I’m running. So, acid if it’s a black dragon. I realise that’s a bit of a cop-out but it’s just too difficult a quest to answer.

However, I still think my original answer of coffee is valid. Even though I have to drink decaffeinated now, I do love a good cup of coffee. It’s helped keep me going more than once while prepping for a convention (and even while at the convention itself!)

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