Day 23: Least Favourite Monster

Day 23: Least Favourite Monster

30 Day ChallengeLeast favourite monster? This is actually extremely easy. There is only one monster that I dislike. Actually, that’s a bit unfair. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that I just don’t understand it as a monster. So. Who wins the award for least favourite monster? It’s the tarrasque.

Potentially a controversial choice as I know many people like the tarrasque but I don’t see the point of a monster that powerful. It has a challenge rating of 30! The Kobold Fight Club notes that this means that a party of 6 20th-level characters would find that a deadly encounter. You need 8 20th-level characters before this drops to hard!

The other issue I have with the tarrasque is that, in real terms, the only reason for a creature to have horns/spikes along its back is to protect it from predators. Just what exactly is the tarrasque the prey off?

Perhaps a little petty but there is it. The tarrasque is my least favourite monster.

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