Day 22: Favourite Monster

Day 22: Favourite Monster

30 Day ChallengeThere are plenty of monsters left, so picking a single favourite monster is tough. I’m going to stick within the spirit of the rules though and pick something that I haven’t picked before.┬áThat still leaves a number of monsters to choose from though.

First up there are the monsters that have cool special attacks. The first is the basilisk with it’s petrifying gaze. For such a low-level monster it has the potential to permanently remove a character from the campaign. Next there is the rust monster. I have fond memories of this particular creature from my Red Box days. It was a great way of getting rid of the party’s weapons and armour!

Then we have the monsters that aren’t what they seem. Here we have the doppelganger with it’s shapechanger ability. I’ve had plenty of fun with this, especially while running [no spoilers]. We also have the roper which looks just like the surrounding cave formation at first glance. Again, the ability to surprise the characters like this is excellent.

My favourite monster though is the owlbear. I have fond memories of the owlbear over the years, both for its ferocious combat skills and it’s general weirdness as a monster. The only thing I don’t like about the 5th Edition owlbear is the art. It makes the owlbear look too friendly and cute for my liking. Owlbears should be scary regardless of the level your character is.

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