Day 21: Favourite Dragon Colour/Type

Day 21: Favourite Dragon Colour/Type

The Hobbit30 Day ChallengeFavourite Dragon Colour/Type? Now this is one that I can easily pick. It’s got to be the iconic red dragon hasn’t it? I know I’ve mentioned it before but J.R.R. Tolkien has a lot to do with it. The front cover of the first copy of The Hobbit I owned is my first memory of a red dragon. Sadly that particular book is lost to me as I lent it to a friend who never returned it. However, a couple of years later when I found the D&D Red Box Basic Set, the cover there immediately spoke to me.

The red dragon strikes fear into the hearts of most adventurers. At least, it should. I’ve known more than a few adventurers who felt that a red dragon was nothing to fear. They soon learnt the error of their ways.

The added bonus with 5th Edition D&D is that there are different age categories for dragons now. This means that you can introduce dragons at a much earlier stage of an adventurer’s career without risking a TPK (Total Party Kill) too much. Unless of course, the adventurers are silly enough to face off against an ancient red dragon far too soon…

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