Day 20: Favourite Humanoid/Fey

Day 20: Favourite Humanoid/Fey

30 Day ChallengeFavourite Humanoid/Fey has to have the largest number of potential answers. It’s certainly difficult to narrow down the options. I’ve always been a fan of humans, for example. They are an example of both the best and worst of us. Indeed, some of my previous “home-brew” scenarios have revolved around this very issue (as you’ll see soon as I intend on releasing a couple of sidetreks in the future). If I was to pick humans though, that would be an obvious choice for favourite humanoid/fey.

I also like kobolds. On their own they are not a challenge but put them in an environment that suits them and they could be quite the challenge. Again, I intend on releasing a scenario featuring kobolds in the future. Then, there’s orcs. Truely an agressive monster. And bugbears. Brutish, especially when they attack from surprise. But none of these are my favourite humanoid/fey.

No, that honour goes to goblins! Sure, not everyone likes goblins but I love them. They are cowardly and weak and will run away at the slightest sign of the fight going against them. But I give them a bravado when they believe they have superior numbers when I run them. They like to believe that none can stand in their way. Until someone does. With the right leader they could be unstoppable but, thankfully for the rest of world, they haven’t yet found the right leader.

Picture credit: Wizards of the Coast

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