Day 2: Favourite Playable Race

Day 2 Favourite Playable Race

30 Day ChallengeFavourite playable race is actually a tough choice. I’ve played most races in the D&D Players Handbook but there are some races I come back to. I tend to be a bit of a traditionalist though and stick to the four original races: human, dwarf, elf and halfling.

Of those, I think I’ve played dwarves the least.¬†In fact, the last dwarf I played was in the days of the Living Greyhawk campaign where I play “Kali” Kalgonard. Elves are next up in terms of least picked.¬†Although my character in one of our “on-hiatus” campaigns is an elf (Meldarin untu en Beriadan). I tend to play humans the most. And my character in our current campaign is a human (Anghus MacBradach). Halflings though are, probably my favourite playable race. Most of my memorable characters have been halflings: Dale Rumblebelly the priest of Brandobaris and Minto “Minty” Burrows the rogue-cum-cartographer being my own favourites.

Indeed, the latter character is getting a new lease of life with his own column here on this very site!

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