Day 19: Favourite Elemental/Plant

Day 19: Favourite Elemental/Plant

30 Day ChallengeI was a little surprised at just how many monsters there are in the elemental/plant category so it’s a little harder to pick a favourite elemental/plant. Historically, I’ve always been fond of the shambling mound, it’s ability to heal when hit by lightning a personal favourite. In fact, one of the players in the group I run after work is fond of his lightning bolt. I might have to drop one or two into a future encounter!

In terms of elementals, I’ve also had a fondness for the gargoyle. I love that they can hide in plain sight while motionless, therefore providing a lovely surprise for unsuspecting players. They are also suitably gothic but fit into any campaign style.

Despite the above though, my favourite elemental/plant is the treant. I loved them in the Two Towers (although they are called ents there—obviously another copyright issue with the Tolkien estate) but the icing on the cake was just last week. That was when the DM in our regular Friday night game introduced a treant drunk on cider! One of the players in our group commented previously that this DM is very good at memorable NPCs. This was certainly another.

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