Day 17: Favourite Beast

Day 17: Favourite Beast

30 Day ChallengeSo, favourite beast. That has to be the bear. Any bear will do (black, brown, cave, or polar) but my personal preference is the cave bear. Large, savage beasts that can easily rip a man’s arm off.

Funny story there actually. Remember back to Day 8? One of my favourite PCs was Wulfgar Tannerson. If you re-read his entry you’ll note that he lost an arm. That was because of a bear! That campaign also started with an encounter with a bear. We were all 0-level at the time so didn’t really want to tangle with it so we worked out a way to avoid a fight. Avoiding fights seems to be a theme with me doesn’t it 😉

Still, those encounters haven’t put me off and, indeed, my current character is a Artificer (using the Unearthed Arcana supplement). The Mechanical Servant he has built (as his 6th-level ability) is a mechanical cave bear (named Cogs by the rest of the party). Thus far he’s been an excellent addition to the team…

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