Day 16: Favourite Aberration

Day 16: Favourite Aberration

30 Day ChallengeAs previously mentioned, this next spate of questions is hard for me as I don’t really have favourite monsters. That said, I have to pick a favourite aberration so I’m going to go with the ankheg.

The first time I came across an ankheg was in Baldur’s Gate. There’s a part of the game where you are assailed by lairs of ankhegs and I hated them. Spookily enough, we came across an ankheg in our recent Friday night game. My memory of them from Baldur’s Gate immediately returned so we devised a way to trick the ankheg into a room and avoid a fight.

This actually takes me to a thing I love about D&D (and roleplaying games in general to be honest). It’s that you don’t have to kill a monster in order to defeat it. With some quick thinking and planning you can turn a potentally dangerous fight into a win without taking any damage. Of course, it doesn’t work all of the time but it’s very satisfying when it does.

Picture Credit: Pavel Guzenko/Paizo Publishing (

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