Day 15: Favourite Undead Monster

Day 15: Favourite Undead Monster

30 Day ChallengeThis is the part of the challenge that I’m not looking forward. Favourite ___ Monster. Today it’s Favourite Undead Monster. The reason I’m not looking forward to it is that I don’t really have favourite monsters. I tend to pick something that I feel will fit into the encounter well. Sometimes that’s just a bear or a mountain cat, other times it can be an ogre or even a giant.

If I had to pick a favourite undead monster it would probably have to be a ghost. You can use ghosts in almost any location. Likewise you can tie them into almost any plot hook. Examples include the ghost pirate captain searching for the last piece of cursed treasure? Or, perhaps, the bride who died on the eve of her wedding? Maybe the child who’s family has been killed by mysterious creatures appeals to you?

Actually, that latter ghost is the hook for a scenario I ran at a convention last year, perhaps I’ll dust it off and publish it as PWYW over at the Dungeon Masters Guild

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