Day 14: Favourite NPC

Day 14: Favourite NPC

30 Day ChallengeMaybe it’s because I tend to improvise this sort of thing, but I don’t have a single favourite NPC. That said, I do tend to fall back on my favourite NPC stereotypes. So, I have the grizziled innkeeper who is a retired adventurer. The cowardly kobold/goblin who is willing to say almost anything to save his own life. The cocky young noble who loves picking on the poorer citizens and has an heavy or two to fight for him when needed. The foppish bandit captain whose bravado outreaches his ability. Each of these has been “designed” to appeal to one of the characters in the games I run.

I tend to use these, and other stereotypes, regularly. It’s a bit lazy to use stereotypes and sometimes I do try and switch them up. In fact, I’ve recently found a website that might help with just that. The DM Heroes website looks to be a great resource for on-the-fly NPCs.

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