Day 13: Favourite Trap/Puzzle

Day 13: Favourite Trap/Puzzle

30 Day ChallengeFavourite Trap/Puzzle? That’s actually an easy one. It’s a trap we came up with during a “competition” game in the late ’90s. The idea behind the competition was that we had a couple of hours to populate a dungeon and then a couple of hours to try and get through another team’s dungeon. Each team was given a budget to buy monsters and traps, etc. with the idea of making as much progress through the other group’s dungeon as possible. The group who made the most progress with the minimal number of losses won.

One of the traps we included was a simple spiked pit trap but with a twist. The twist was that, at the end of the spikes, was a trigger. This trigger set off a reverse gravity spell which made the target fall upwards. The top of the pit was a false ceiling made of parchment that the target ripped though. Beyond was some more spikes. And another trigger. This time a dispel magic spell! So the poor adventurer fell 50 feet, or so, onto the spikes and then fell upwards another 50 feet into some more spikes, before falling back to the original spikes! That’s 15d6 falling damage and 6d10 spike trap damage in 5th Edition terms!

Certainly a deadly trap!

Picture Credit: Mario Sainz Martínez (

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