Day 11: Favourite Adventure

Day 11: Favourite Adventure

30 Day ChallengeOver the years I’ve played more adventures than I can shake a stick at. Trying to pick one single favourite adventure is hard. So, I’m not. I’m going to pick one official adventure from each edition that I’ve played! You’ll note that there are no entries for 2nd and 4th Editions. That’s because I haven’t played or run any of the official TSR/Wizards of the Coast adventures from those eras.

Favourite Adventure—1st Edition

Under Illefarn. I first ran this as a solo game for my son and, while we never got round to finishing it, I love the simplicity of it. It’s the perfect introduction to D&D and the Forgotten Realms. It’s still my go-to resource for information on Daggerford (adding in some information from Scourge of the Sword Coast).

Favourite Adventure—3rd Edition

Red Hand of Doom. This was one of the first 3rd Edition campaign adventures I ran for my current group. Although published as a generic adventure, it provided notes on where to place it in the Forgotten Realms for maximum effect. I really enjoyed running it, especially as it ramped up towards the end.

Favourite Adventure—5th Edition

Lost Mine of Phandelver (D&D Starter Set). Most definitely the best way to get into D&D nowadays. I played through it with my current group and loved every minute. When some of my work colleagues expressed an interest in playing an RPG for the first time, this was my first choice. I got to see it from the other side of the screen and it was just as good. If you’re looking to run it I highly recommend buying the digital maps from Mike Schley.

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