Day 10: Craziest Experience

Day 10: Craziest Experience

30 Day ChallengeCraziest experience? This is a really tough one because, over the years, there have been many that could win the title “Craziest Experience”. For today though, I’m going to limit it to two of the most recent. One was a few years ago but we still talk about it to this day while the other was just the other week.


I’m going to go with the most recent experience first. While resting up with a foaming flagon of ale in a small town’s inn, the table we were seated at, leapt up and attacked us. Yes, it was a mimic! While the rest of us went about responding in the normal fashion. Swords, magic, you know. The monk in our party though decided on a different tack. He headbutted the mimic! As you can see from the mimic’s SRD entry, they are adhesive when in their object form. Yes, our monk headbutted the table and got stuck to it!


The old experience is definitely my favourite though. Our group were investigating a building in the wilderness and came across an owlbear. The ranger in the party decided that he would try and befriend it. With obvious results. What he hadn’t realised was that the owlbear was protecting her babies (cublets according to reddit) and she wasn’t looking for new friends. Especially for someone who had friends that looks like they would happily kill her if it all went wrong. Turns out she had good instincts because it all went wrong and we killed her. She has lived on in our memory though because she took a ranger with her…

Picture Credit: Ben Wootten/Paizo Publishing (mimic, owlbear, owlbear)

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