Day 1: How You Got Started

[30 Day Challenge] Day 1 How You Got Started

So, as part of the relaunch of the site, I thought it might be fun to run through the 30 Day Dungeons & Dragons Challenge. That way you can learn a little bit about me. Day 1 is about how you (I) got started in the hobby so…

Day 1: How You Got Started

30 Day ChallengeFor me that was in the early ’80s. I was heavily into the Fighting Fantasy (and other “Choose Your Own Adventure”) books devouring each one as it was released. Or, rather, as it appeared in the local library. I received some money for my birthday one year and the D&D Basic Red Box leapt out at me in the shop. Literally, it fell off the shelf above and landed on my head! It was perfect though. Just what I was looking for. The rest is history.

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